Nurturing the Garden Within

Planting Your Garden Self-discovery and acceptance are the formative steps of change and transformation. Our identity is carefully woven with internal jewels which bear their radiance through the persons and experiences we've had. In a perfect world our condition would remain unchanged. But that is rarely the case. Time passes and the effervescence wanes. Hurt and disappointment leave ugly reminders behind. We become ... [Continue]

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Oscar Dresses

Oscar Dresses: Best Actress Winners Infographic

In fashion it's commonly said, "everything old is new." In other words, trends come back in favor over time. So hold on those old favorites that appear passé today because they'll definitely return. The current #normcore craze is proof that New Balance sneakers can be fab with a little creativity. The same holds true for dresses. Copycat designers churn out ... [Continue]


Decorating & Housework Calorie Killers

Are you lamenting missed time in the gym or a full schedule which leaves few moments for exercise? Don't dismay! Here's a handy cheat sheet which proves that decorating can be good for the body (of course we knew) and a little domesticity more than suffices as a hard day's work! So grab a cup of tea or an iced coffee, take a break and count your calorie burning activities ... [Continue]


50 Shades of Grey: Sexuality through the Looking Glass

50 Shades of Grey through the Looking Glass

50 Shades of Grey: Sexuality through the Looking Glass Pulling Back the Shades wisely addresses the pitfalls of escapism for Christian women and those tiptoeing along the fringes of doing so. The authors have provided sound references and routinely directed its readers back ... [Continue]


Reflections: Peeling Back the Layers

Dawn is nearing and the comforts of Shabbat are noticeably amiss. The familiar rhythm which greets me is overshadowed by a quiet knowing. There's a different spirit in the air. Its arrival isn't unexpected. The week has been filled with small nods to yesterday and its ... [Continue]