Strider Bike Classic Giveaway

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The Strider Bike Classic Giveaway!

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The Strider Bike Classic Giveaway

A Strider Bike is unlike other bikes for kids. It’s different in a good way. Strider bikes teach balance and coordination and allow children to build up their confidence until the point when they are ready for a “big kid” bike.

Strider bikes don’t have pedals, allowing children to keep their feet on the ground and build both their confidence and their coordination. These bikes have the lowest seat height of any child’s bike and also are tested thoroughly for safety. Even better? Strider bikes are all terrain – the tires will never go flat!


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Under the Sea Ocean Counters Giveaway

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 The Under the Sea Ocean Counters Giveaway
At Learning Resources, the focus is on providing quality educational resources for parents and educators that their kids will actually be interested in. They believe that play and learning can be found in the same items.

Under Sea Ocean Counters are one of those toys that kids will love and parents will too. There are so many ways for kids to play with these! The set of 72 sea creatures comes in 6 colors and are great for counting, sorting, and matching.

 You can find a complete review from Renae from Mostly Together Mommy here.


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Gamer’s Choice Giveaway

The Gamer's Choice Giveaway featuring the XBox One and Playstation 4 Consoles

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50 Shades of Grey through the Looking Glass


50 Shades of Grey: Sexuality through the Looking Glass

Pulling Back the Shades wisely addresses the pitfalls of escapism for Christian women and those tiptoeing along the fringes of doing so. The authors have provided sound references and routinely directed its readers back to the biblical source of relationships and their spiritual roots. But what of those who live and believe differently? Will the message penetrate their hearts and minds? Or will its detractors dismiss what’s been said because the authors don’t know, can’t know, and have never lived as they do? It’s understandable how this could occur. If we’re honest with ourselves we’ll acknowledge having done the same a time or ten when we’ve been confronted by naysayers.

While a faith based response may attract scrutiny;
God always has a ram in the bush.

Unlike the authors I’ve peered behind the forbidden curtain and encountered my share of peculiarities during my time in Wonderland. I stumbled upon a world that beguiled and intrigued the senses. Strange characters abound offering a hearty welcome to newcomers who’ve  forsaken the norms in exchange for self-discovery and truth. They’ve become the enlightened and their former kin the vanilla hued people languishing in the dark in dire need of rescue. By extinguishing the bonds of societal norms, they’ve escaped the boredom and pitfalls many are subject to, or so they believe. In other words, when you drink of the forbidden you’ll avoid a life of restraint and true happiness is possible.

Excess always has a price.
You don’t need the 50 Shades of Grey to tell you this.
Look around you. It’s everywhere.

Difference is in vogue and everyone is living a ‘lifestyle’ these days. It’s become the new word that distinguishes the casual participant from those who do this all the time. The same holds true for alternative sexual practices and that too is a lifestyle. 50 Shades of Grey provided a fantastical view into the world of sexual mores for those influenced by BDSM or Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism. Unfortunately, the image painted by the book is grossly overwrought with fantasy and endless scenarios that would never occur. The suggestions put forth have whet the appetite of its readers encouraging exploration that will only lead to a disappointing end.

The real culprit isn’t what you’re reading,
but the emptiness and hurts that are fueling your escape.

One of the key components of a well written book is your ability to connect with its characters. Millions of women have flocked to romantic novels seeking fulfillment within its pages not for enjoyment, but to silence the lack and hurt they carry within. Emotional connections are formed with heroines lovingly wooed by dashing men devoid of flaws and the usual challenges relationships bring. His seeming perfection and her royal treatment are very attractive and women are lapping it up in droves. When you buy into the deception it’s difficult to appreciate the attributes of  the one you’re walking beside or the individual expressing interest. He doesn’t measure up and he never will.

We decry the continued promotion of female perfection in magazines
without taking notice of the identical slights men receive in romantic tales.

I’m not suggesting that reading a book will lead you down the path of no return. Nor am I’m putting forth that fantasy is akin to the mysterious blue pill that catapulted Neo into the Matrix. For many readers, it’s just a story which entertains and nothing more. But let’s be honest for a second, particularly those who’ve read the book and others like it.

  • Can you honestly state that you’ve never wished, longed, or hoped you had a man who treated you like the one you’re reading about?
  • Have you made mental comparisons to the fictional character (who seems appealing) to the man you’re with or considering for a relationship?
  • Is the thought of living out the fantasy that you’re reading remotely appealing?

Pulling Back the Shades identified 5 Longings of a Woman’s Heart. These include a desire to:

Escape reality
Be cherished by a man
Be protected by a strong man
Rescue a man
Be sexually active

The obvious question that follows is, “Which one do you identify with?” If you’re like most you’ll discover a couple of statements which really resonate. But I encourage you to go one step further. Based upon the list above, what line or quote have you read that really hits home? You know the ones that become your mantra, favorite pin, or the slogan you’re always repeating to your friends on social media. Like many, my desire to be cherished and protected led me down a path of discovery in search of the one who could meet that need. But I never found him.

“My only hope for a deep love, a loss of myself to someone,
not merely a loss to all that strives to break me down and remake me.

But a loss to someone that is sublimely cruel, sublimely good at mastering.
Someone who might somehow, in the blaze of my suffering,
see the depth of submission and love me also.”

I included this quote in a journal entry several years ago to my then partner. The words touched a part of me hungering for something which could not be sated in the relationship or any possibilities that followed. It wasn’t enough. When we seek the truth within ourselves we’ll inevitably encounter the contradictions and compromises we’ve set aside to keep things afloat. Denial and fantasy are comfortable bed mates. If you adhere to one you can be certain the other is lurking in the shadows.

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Freedom cannot be gained when we’re unwilling to admit what’s wrong. The shame is not in acknowledging there’s a problem or recognizing the steps you’ve taken to escape it. The tragedy is remaining stuck and allowing yourself to sink when the life vest stands before you if you’ll only receive it. Sometimes the most difficult step is admitting that you don’t know where to begin. I invite you to share your thoughts with the understanding there’s no judgment implied in doing so. May you be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone today.






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Oscar Dresses: Best Actress Winners Infographic

In fashion it’s commonly said, “everything old is new.” In other words, trends come back in favor over time. So hold on those old favorites that appear passé today because they’ll definitely return. The current #normcore craze is proof that New Balance sneakers can be fab with a little creativity. The same holds true for dresses. Copycat designers churn out reinterpretations from the Oscar’s best dressed ladies.

How many gems do you have hiding your closet? Did you spot any on this list?







Oscar Dresses Infographic Credit: Mediarun



30 Dr. Seuss Quotes Worth Remembering

It’s impossible to think about childhood and all its pleasures without adding Dr. Seuss to the picture. He’s become an unforgettable memory for many whose books and characters are still beloved by fans around the world. Who didn’t fathom a delectable plate of Green Eggs and Ham? I’ve never braved the recipe, but a few daring people have and if you’re the adventurous sort here’s an option worth trying. Make it a Dr. Seuss filled day by sharing your favorite memories and be sure to visit Seussville for an added dose of fun!

30 Dr. Seuss Quotes Worth Remembering

30 Dr. Seuss Quotessbd-signature




Image Credit: Mamiverse

Pulling Back the Shades Giveaway


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The Pulling Back the Shades Giveaway!

The Pulling Back the Shades Giveaway event is sponsored by Authentic Intimacy. Submissive By Design will award five lucky winners one copy of Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery’s latest book, Pulling Back the Shades.

Disclosure: I received one copy of Pulling Back the Shades for review purposes. The views and opinions which follow are my own.

Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh are well-known and beloved for their tireless work on behalf of women and children. They’ve joined forces to address the challenging subject of women’s sexuality (for single and married persons) in light of the growing prevalence of escapism through various fiction sources. While 50 Shades of Grey gained prominence for its storyline, the increasing trend of fictional substitution and the unfortunate results which follow are the areas Pulling Back the Shades pointedly confronts.

“Not only do we want to pull back the shades of Grey for you to see God’s truth about what it and other books like it can do in your life, but we also want to pull back the shades on your own sex life. This book is not meant to be merely a reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey. Ultimately it is about YOU—your longings, your questions, and your wholeness as a spiritual and sexual woman. We hope to offer you something you deeply need.”

That’s a mouthful! The authors have shown great sensitivity to the subject, making no assumptions about its readers and their familiarity with the topic. If you’ve struggled with questions and didn’t know where to turn, or silently wonder where the line can be found, Pulling Back the Shades candidly explores these ideas and more in a God honoring fashion.


You may be surprised that this is a gracious, sensitive, encouraging, and direct (but not embarrassing) book. Dannah and Juli have tackled a tough topic but do so in a compassionate manner, examining the consequences of a trend that may seem new but was just as much of a challenge to first century Christians as it is today. The temptation is timeless, but so is the solution. Single women, teens, wives, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters . . . this one’s for you.
— Carolyn McCulley, author of The Measure of Success, Radical Womanhood, Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

We invite you to preview Chapter 1 of Pulling Back the Shades. You’ll find the language and message very gentle and affirming for women from all walks of life. Join the conversation and connect with Dannah Gresh via Twitter and Facebook. Follow Dr. Juli Slattery on Twitter and Facebook for more engaging discussions regarding the book and other topics affecting women and their families.

Grab your daily dose of Authentic Intimacy! You can listen on the web, iTunes, or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Tune in to Dr. Slattery’s latest podcast, Java with Juli on the web and iTunes.


How have you been impacted by the things you’ve read? Can fiction go too far? We’d really like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts!


The Pulling Back the Shades Giveaway is open to US residents aged 18 years or older. Five winners will be selected to receive 1 copy of Pulling Back the Shades. Prize delivery and fulfillment will be handled by Moody Publishing. Entries will be accepted through March 16, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be notified via email and confirmation must be provided within 48 hours or an alternative winner will be chosen.


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Snuggwugg Baby Shower Spectacular Giveaway


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The Snuggwugg Baby Shower Spectacular Giveaway!

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Snuggwugg Mom

We are celebrating the upcoming launch of Snuggwugg, the innovative and award-winning smartphone interactive baby pillow that safely stops a squirmy baby during diaper changes. Snuggwugg is great for tummy time, play and travel. The official launch date is May 1st.

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Naturepedic Organic Mattress Giveaway

Naturepedic Organic Mattress

Submissive By Design is pleased to present:
The Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Ultra Twin Mattress Giveaway!

This event is sponsored by Naturepedic. Event promotion is made possible by Mostly Together Mommy. Broadcasting services are provided by a consortium of blogs including Submissive By Design.

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Renae, from Mostly Together Mommy shares her opinions and experiences with the Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Ultra Twin Mattress. If you’re the parent of a young child or in the market for a new mattress, this item deserves a second look. Keep reading!

When thinking about a great mattress for kids, there are several things to consider. You want to be sure that it will be easy to clean, non-toxic, but also comfortable. Renae was able to review the Naturepedic and found all of these things in one mattress! Be sure to check out the full review here.


The Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Mattress Giveaway is open to US residents aged 18 years or older. One entry per household. Entries will be accepted until March 21, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond, or another winner will be drawn. One lucky reader is going to win their own twin 2-in-1 mattress! To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below.


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Reflections: Peeling Back the Layers


Dawn is nearing and the comforts of Shabbat are noticeably amiss. The familiar rhythm which greets me is overshadowed by a quiet knowing. There’s a different spirit in the air. Its arrival isn’t unexpected. The week has been filled with small nods to yesterday and its conclusion is upon me. As I wrestle to find my voice amongst the tears and feelings of uncertainty His essence is ever near and He assures me that I’m not alone. I wonder aloud through pangs of frustration as the struggle continues, why Lord? Why now?

Have you ever considered…
that your existence in the Kingdom of Heaven
was for such a time as this?

- Esther: The Diva God Used, Dr. Tony Evans
Download the eBook and listen to the message

Those most familiar with the Book of Esther will recognize Mordecai’s infamous question. I encountered it myself a couple of years ago during a Precept Women’s bible study on Esther. The exploration of purpose and the deeper revelations of God’s providential movement in my life became readily evident in the months which followed. My desire to know would lead me to Boston and on to a small community of women wanting to learn the same. The period of spiritual discernment and feedback was life shaping. I emerged wholly committed to its fulfillment and determined to do it God’s way; forsaking theological standbys in deference to His leadership and Spirit. And here I stand.

I referenced Esther not merely due to its applicability, but how providence is shaping my experiences today. Four weeks ago I elected to forgo the festivities of Founder’s Week in deference to the comforts of home. The yearly conference is held during the first week of February and always features well-known speakers and musicians for a spirit filled week of teaching and worship. Like many our weather has been unseasonably cold. I stayed in and listened to the messages, tweeting snippets and pearls of wisdom for others to enjoy. I didn’t expect anything to come out of that, but as always there’s a surprise waiting around the bend.

While I’m sitting comfortably at my desk enjoying the event and tweeting my heart out, God is up to something. It wasn’t obvious then, but I can only laugh now as I recognize how well He knows me and how He set this up all along. Needless to say, I’m impressed! Thursday arrives and Dr. Juli Slattery is speaking. I listen to her podcast and I’ve been waiting to hear from her.  As I’m sharing Dr. Slattery’s words, her ministry Authentic Intimacy is doing the same. The connection is inevitable and it happens. But remember, I said He was up to something.

Founder’s Week came to a close and a week passed by. Then the unexpected occurred and I received a message from Authentic Intimacy. They wanted to collaborate with me to host a giveaway for Dr. Slattery’s latest book. I agreed and delighted in the opportunity to be of service. It sounds simple. There’s just one tiny caveat: I didn’t know the title and I never inquired. But that’s okay. I trust it’s from Him and I’m on board. A few days ago an impromptu question was posed in a women’s group on Facebook. The individual wanted to know about a specific alternative sexual practice that was labeled “Christian” and what others thought of it. Oh bother, here we go!

Submissive and Obedient Wives (for G-d and Husband) was established as a safe haven for the exploration of biblical submission for single and married women. The subject can be extremely divisive in some instances with feminist rhetoric supplanting the biblical teachings that were put forth. As a new member I proceeded cautiously, waiting to see how others responded. A more in-depth discussion would follow with Tehillah (the group’s owner) and our conclusions on the matter were identical. The next day a small brown package arrived in the mail. The book was finally here. Surprise!

Pulling Back the Shades

Remember the discomfort I felt as I struggled to write and share my experiences with you today? Do you recall the quote and all that I’ve included as we approached this point? It wasn’t for naught. For much like you I have a choice. I can remain in the confines of familiarity, hosting the giveaway without saying a word. Or, I can step out of shadows in recognition of the risks others have taken in deference to those who want and need to hear the message contained within these pages. Unlike the authors, I didn’t read 50 Shades of Grey. But I know the story. I know it all too well.

Have you ever considered…
that your relationships, experiences, connections
and all those things you try to hide in shame and embarrassment
could be used for God’s purposes?

Consider your own reflections today as we explore sexuality from His perspective. Stay tuned for future messages in the series via our RSS feed on Bloglovin’. Shabbat Shalom.






Image Credit: Bigstock